The rising popularity of medical cannabis made people wonder whether cannabis could be legalized entirely in the US. That is a controversial issue due to the potential mass abuse of the psychedelic substance in case of legalization. Yet the Federal government takes steps to allow CBD, non-psychoactive hemp oil, and its derivatives that proved to be an effective medicine and biological supplement for people and pets. Now, let’s find out what CBD is in detail, whether it is legal in Maryland, and where to buy it.

What Do People Use CBD For?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a substance extracted from the hemp plant, the same one that marijuana is made of. However, the difference between CBD and marijuana is huge: the latter is considered a psychoactive substance and is prohibited to use oftentimes, while the former has no mind-changing effect. This is because of the low THC level (below 0.3) in Cannabidiol. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol Formula

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main cannabis component, which dosage determines whether the substance has a psychoactive impact on the human organism. CBD has no or small amount of THC, and thus it causes no harm to health, while its other components are quite useful for people of different ages. CBD and its products act as pain-healers for people with post-traumatic stress disorder, various kinds of cancer, arthritis, headache, etc. It is also widely used as a dietary supplement since CBD improves the quality of sleep, removes acne, decreases anxiety levels, and contributes to the overall improvement of human daily life. CBD oil is even recommended for dogs if they suffer from insomnia, stress, or some traumas. The only thing that varies in its usage for all mentioned states and illnesses is CBD dosage. 

What Are Hemp CBD Cigarettes?

Today, a lot of food and related products are manufactured with CBD extract: from coffee and CBD cigarettes to CBD water and matcha, cookies, and gummies. If you do not look for a way to diversify your daily meals but want to get rid of the smoking habit, you need to try CBD cigarettes. They contain no tobacco, and that is why you can eventually stop smoking if you switch to this kind of cigarette. Besides the nicotine absence, these cigarettes look pretty similar to regular ones: they come in card boxes ready for your use. The THC level is also up to the mentioned level earlier, so they will not get you high. 

CBD Laws in Baltimore

The legality of CBD oil is affirmed by the Food and Drug Administration, so you should not be afraid to use it for your needs. Yet, the FDA says that other CBD products cannot be considered legal. Why is there such a discrepancy? This is because only a few CBD manufacturers adhere to small THC levels when producing their CBD food and drinks. Therefore, CBD products containing over 0.3 THC are prohibited by the FDA. If you want to buy CBD gummies, cigarettes, or coffee that has less than the stated THC level, it is absolutely legal. 

As for the other laws that allow growing hemp and manufacturing CBD oil and other products, the Farm Bill adopted in 2018, industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states, including Maryland. 

Is CBD Legal In Maryland?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Maryland. You can buy and use it in the state without any limitations. However, we advise you to buy it only in specific stores or online on the websites of certified manufacturers to avoid poor quality products. 

CBD Products in Baltimore

Baltimore offers a wide range of CBD oils and products for you to try. First of all, here you can buy different kinds of CBD oil: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. They differ by the THC levels and components. Besides them, you can buy CBD oil for pets if you need to improve sleep and decrease the stress of your dog. Do not forget to consult with your pet doctor to make sure the CBD dosage is right. 

Also, you can purchase a lot of food and drinks with hemp-derived oil. If you prefer candies, you can substitute them with CBD gummies, chocolate bars, and cookies. If healthy nutrition is your priority, you can try CBD cereal, coffee, and tea. For those who are not much into a healthy lifestyle, there are CBD popcorn, cigarettes, and crunchy chips. Your task is to pick the brand and dosage you would like to take daily.

One of the benefits of taking CBD food is that it does not have side effects. Still, we advise you to take a look at your medical card first to remember whether you have any food allergies and read the ingredients list on any CBD product that you want to buy. Thus, you will be sure that it will not cause any undesirable reactions. 

If you still doubt the effectiveness of CBD in curing specific pain or your mental disorder, feel free to contact your doctor to find out their thoughts on taking CBD. Maybe, you will be advised to combine CBD oil with other medications or remove some of them because of adding CBD products to your meals. Your doctor will always provide you with needed CBD help. 

Finally, we advise you to always check the expiration date of your purchased CBD products, store them according to the instructions, and not use them once they are expired. Remember to keep them out of children’s reach as well. 

Can I buy CBD products online in Maryland?

Yes, you can. CBD oil and CBD-enriched food and drinks are available online in Maryland on the websites of large chain drug stores, supermarkets, and CBD brands online stores. Also, you can look for CBD oil on the world producers’ websites; however, you will have to make sure whether they ship to Maryland first.