Incwell: Artist Spotlight

Artist Incwell on Good News Baltimore’s “Artist Spotlight”.

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“Incwell,” born Craig Carozza-­‐Caviness, epitomizes the word, “artist.” Producer, rapper, thespian, and author, Incwell has been honing his unique style for well over a decade. His homegrown production is an ode to the greats; i.e. Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, etc., and his flow dices through any track with a smooth esoteric charm that has captivated the ears of listeners worldwide. Verified, and with over 100,000 followers on twitter (@incwell) Incwell maintains a strong and consistent buzz that’s constantly growing.

Along with his musical accolades Incwell has been praised for his Civic work in the city. He was officially recognized by the Washington Post in 2006 and received the highest honor by being named 1 of 10 BlackMen in the Nations’ Capitol to represent a Pulitzer Prize wining series entitled “Being a Black Man.” In 2011 he was also one of the distinguished subjects featured alongside the likes of Superbowl Champion and MVP, Aaron Rodgers, in “The Book of Man.” In this novel his turbulent upbringing and life was profiled by acclaimed author William Bennett. Whether DJ or most notably, full band, he has earned his distinction as a tremendous live performer. Incwell has turned heads playing shows from Honolulu, Hawaii to Baltimore, Maryland. He’s the embodiment of what a true artist should be, intelligent, personable, charming, well-­‐spoken, hard-­‐working, talented, and

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