Top Story: Lead Poisoning

The toxic legacy of Baltimore. According to Saul Kerpelman Baltimore city has a lead and lead poisoning problem for as long as the city has existed.

To understand lead poisoning is the first step in eliminating a problem that is 100% preventable. As we speak with Ruth Ann Norton from Green and Healthy Homes Initiative you will learn more about this issue and what you can do to help your family when dealing with lead.


The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative was charged in 2008 by the Council on Foundations and the White House Office of Recovery to lead the national efforts to integrate lead hazard control, healthy homes and weatherization and energy efficiency work. This project later became the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative directed by the Coalition that addresses the health and energy efficiency needs of a home through a holistic intervention model.



Special thanks to our friends at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital for providing crucial information on the effects of lead poisoning and service the families of Baltimore for many years.

Pediatric lead treatment program:

Program Oveview

Since 1990, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital has provided a childhood lead poisoning prevention and treatment program, which includes inpatient, outpatient and community outreach services.

The hospital’s lead treatment team is striving to increase awareness of the risks of lead poisoning, to encourage all parents to have their children treated and to treat those children with lead poisoning by educating them about the various dietary and environmental modifications they can make to improve their condition. Since its inception, the program has treated hundreds of children.

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